Wisconsin Words

Wisconsin Words is a series of short essays about names for landscape features that are prominent in Wisconsin’s modest landscape.  The words are not necessarily endemic to Wisconsin, but they have special meaning or resonance here.

The project draws inspiration from Barry Lopez’s Home Ground as well as two really great books about words that describe the landscape of the British Isles, Dominic Taylor’s Uncommon Ground and Robert Macfarlane’s Landmarks.

I’m always looking for new words to write about.  If you have a Wisconsin Word – especially a really particular or local one – that you think I should write about, please do contact me via Twitter @JDMabie or in the comments section of this site.

Table of Contents

Erratic  1. Erratic 

DSC_0069 2. Drumlin

DSC_0120 3. Mound

Hoeffler bur oaks 4. Savanna

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